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Alternatives North is a social justice coalition operating in the Northwest Territories. Within our ranks are representatives of churches, labour unions, environmental organizations, women and family advocates and anti-poverty groups.  Individual citizens are important participants in our work.

Alternatives North regularly meets Wednesday's at noon in the boardroom of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, 4910-53rd Street, Suite 201 Yellowknife, NT. New participants are welcome but call 867-873-5422 ahead of time to ensure the meeting has not been rescheduled or temporarily moved to another location.

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 Alternatives North has been a major participant in the environmental review of the Giant Mine Remediation Project

Latest News

2016 08 30
Regular Meetings
Begin Again 

Alternatives North will hold its first regular meeting after the summer break at noon Wednesday September 7 in the boardroom of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, 4910-53rd Street, Suite 201 Yellowknife.  New members are always welcome. 
2016 02 27
AN Endorses Leap Manifesto 

Alternatives North joins with organizations around the country this leap year Monday by proclaiming its endorsement of the Leap Manifesto.  Read the media advisory.  

“Consistent and persistent... That’s how you create political success. And based on my work with the AN crew, I would just add that they are progressive, well-informed, savvy, and connected with the community."
David Thompson, Parkland Institute
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