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The Government of the Northwest Territories has taken over management of lands, waters and resources in the NWT.  There are major concerns with the terms of the deal and its implementation.  

Alternatives North is participating in public activities to promote debate on the implementation of devolution, and to improve the quality of resource management that will be developed.

NWT Devolution 

2014 04 09  Letter: Devolution Evaluation and Oversight
2014 02 28 Devolution Bills Comments Submission 
2014 02 11 Our Land, Our Water, Our Responsibility 
2013 05 31 Devolution Letter to Premier
2013 05 31  Devolution Issues Final Report
2013 05 22 Devolution Questions for Premier 
2013 04 11 EKOS Devolution Poll Results Media Release 
2013 04 11 EKOS Devolution Poll Summary Results 
2013 04 11 Detailed EKOS Poll Results 
2013 04 04  Devolution Countdown Clock is Running Media Release
2013 03 14  Alternatives North Devolution Poll News Release
2013 03 13 Draft Lands and Resources Devolution Agreement
2013 03 11  Devolution Agreement Plain Language Summary
2013 03 11 Canadian Mining Journal Commentary
2013 03 01  Devolution for Dummies Up Here Summary 
2013 01 02  GNWT Employees and Devolution 
2012 12 21 GNWT Organizational Design 
2010 06 19  Devolution and Resource Revenue Sharing in the Canadian North 

Other Jurisdictions and Analysis 

2004 Pembina Institute When Government is Landlord 
2010  Pembina When Government is Landlord Update NWT Data 
2006  Mackenzie Gas Project Fiscal and Economic Analysis 
2005  DIAND Comparative Analysis of Fiscal Regimes 
1996  DIAND Amendments to NWT Mining Royalties Discussion Paper 
2001 Yukon Devolution Transfer Agreement 
2012   Assessing Devolution, Yukon Case Study
2008  A Critical Examination of Sustainability Considerations in Yukon 
2012  Aboriginal Self Government and Devolution in Nunavut 
2007 Mayer Report of Devolution in Nunavut 
2007  Contaminated Sites in Nunavut 

Links to Devolution Websites

Government of the Northwest Territories 


Government of Nunavut 


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